WordPress Header Images

Update: This post features 8 new WordPress banner graphics, design and copyright freestockimages.org — Large WordPress header images suitable for the newer versions and WP themes are not that easy to find via the common sources, but since thereĀ“s evidently a certain demand I thought I will post some here from time to time. Certainly every designer can easily make his own, but as a quick placeholder they might come in handy. The banners below have a standard size of 1600 pixels wide x 230 pixels high and fit the WordPress Twenty Thirteen theme:

Aquatic blue:

Wordpress Header Images

Blue clouds:

wordpress header images


wordpress header images

wordpress header images


wordpress header images

(Note: You have to click on the smaller images above in order to download the 1600×230 full-size banners.)

Update: Added two more WordPress images. A botanical theme in vivid colors:

wordpress images

and a mosaic:

mosaic wordpress header

Update: Added another fabric texture in the WordPress header format 1600×230

wordpress header fabric texture