Free Stock Images Part 32 – Old Wood Textures

Today another set of textures in this ongoing series of free stock images for small graphic design projects. Wood textures are always handy, and the following photos of old, weathered wood full of cracks, stains and colorful imperfections hopefully serve the one or the other of your background needs. Download ahead.

Free Stock Images Old Wood Textures

Wood texture backgrounds for graphic designers

Royalty free images wood textures

Royalty free images wood photo backgrounds for web designers

Some stock photos of wood shingles:

Stock Photo Wood Shingles Background

Royalty free stock photo wood shingles texture

Old wood free stock images

Colorful weathered wood textures for graphic designers

Stock photo colorful wood shingles background

Royalty free images of old wood

Stained wood textures:

Stock photo background textures colorful stained wood

Stock image colorful weathered wood textures

Colorful stock photo of weathered wood

Royalty free stock photo images and web design graphics

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Royalty free images old wood background photos

Free stock images wood textures