Free Stock Images Part 25 – Book Photos

As this web site is not just about stock textures but free royalty-free images in general, today I picked some still-life photos of books. Actually, properly cropped they are easily usable as backgrounds (and the third looks even good as a desktop background). The books in these photos are quite old, btw., which makes their colors and textures even more interesting. If I see that you like them (some stuff here gets downloaded quite a bit – thanks to everybody who sent a link!) I will take and post some more images like that. A little reminder: Use the stock photos posted here freely in your design projects, blogs and web sites, but please, donĀ“t re-distribute the images as such. Beside that, enjoy the material provided here and feed your design ideas.

Number one, a close-up photo of a pile of old books:

Free Stock Image Photos of Books

Download the higher resolution files by clicking on the pics.

Royalty-free photo number two: A still life image of a pile of antique books:

Royalty Free Photo Still Life of an Antique Book Pile

And number three, the background / close-up picture / paper texture:

Book Stock Photo