Free Stock Images Part 23 – Food Photos – Dried Fruit

Mediterranean markets are usually full of delicious things, and if one does food photography and has a decent kitchen to mess around in, too, it makes for an inspiring source of colorful textures and abstract backgrounds. So I decided to select some pictures of dried fruits as free royalty-free images and post them here for you designers. See what you can do with it.

Royalty-free Stock Image of Dried Dates - Food Photo Backgrounds

The first two stock photos are close-up shots of dried dates:

Food Stock Photo Dried Fruit - Dried Dates Background

Perhaps food photos are not yet often enough used as abstract backgrounds and textures in designs, considering that basically every human being has a very physical relationship with edible things and is naturally appealed by them. And the  possible color schemes are almost endless. (In fact, a lot of trend colors are regularly named after food or botanicals, so the influence always was and is clearly there).

Anyway, a quite colorless picture of dried figs (they were as sweet as they look):

Royalty Free Stock Photo of Dried Figs

By the way, I´m going to repeat myself here, but in order to download high res photos click on the low-res pics. (Or download those if you just want to post them on your food blog, and the size is sufficient and suits better.)

If you are looking for an orange background, try this image of dried apricots:

Royalty-free Stock Image of Dried Apricots