Free Stock Images Part 20 – Water Photos

We had some recent searches for WATER STOCK PHOTOS and IMAGES OF WATER DROPS, so, here are some, which perhaps make some useful abstract textures for your designs (and work well as backgrounds):

Free Stock Image of Water - Abstract Photo Texture

From the same series of water images:

Water Image

And a macro photo of a water drop splash (a royalty-free stock image classic… but they are still fascinating):

Royalty-Free Stock Photo of a Water Drop Splash

Plus another abstract background, a water texture consisting of air bubbles:

Water Texture - Royalty Free Stock Photo

The last one for today, something botanical – a macro photo of water drops on a leaf:

Free Macro Stock Image of Water Drops on a Leaf - Botanical Abstract

Update: I forgot to include the sparkling water image – if you are looking for some abstract blue background either for your designs, your web site or your desktop, try this one:

Free Stock Image of Sparkling Water