Free Stock Images Part 18 – Old Paint Textures

One of my favorites: Layers of old paint on old wood in intensive colors. Preferably blue. I´m sure you designers can do something with these textures… As usual, these are free royalty-free stock photos, which means, use them freely in your designs or on your web sites, but please don´t resell or otherwise re-distribute the images themselves.

Colorful Free Stock Image Texture of Old Blue Painted Wood with Yellow Spots

Free Royalty-free Stock Photo of Old Wood with Cracked Layers of Blue Paint

Difficult to say how many times this wood has been painted, but evidently, there was always another color in the bucket:

Royalty-Free Stock Image - Cracked Paint Texture Painted Many Times

More cracked paint in funny colors:

Free Royalty-free Stock Image Backgrounds - Old and Cracked Green Paint on Wood

Here somebody applied some greyish blue on green paint, and they evidently did not like each other (good for the texture hunter):

Old Paint Texture

Interesting pattern in the following image as well:

Colorful Cracked Paint Textures 06

Btw., download hi-res files by clicking on the pictures (I´m too lazy to place a separate DOWNLOAD link underneath each photo):

Colorful Royalty Free Stock Photo Texture for Download

Free Stock Image - Cracked Paint Textures 08 for Download