Free Stock Images Part 17 – Leather Textures

We had some searches for LEATHER TEXTURES here recently, so I went through the image archive to see what I can make available for download as free stock photos. Here they are, hope they are of some use:

Free Stock Image  - Leather Texture Macro Photo

Though I did not use a specialized macro lens for this shot, thereĀ“s a good amount of detail visible (considering that it was a quite fine leather, too). The next photo has large out-of-focus areas, but, because one never knows what a designer may need tomorrow, I put it into the gallery as well. Perhaps it makes a good dark, nearly black background:

Free Stock Image of Black Leather - Texture Background

Another detailed close-up / macro photo:

Macro Stock Photo - Leather Texture

Black leather texture with seam:

Free Stock Image of Black Leather with Seam

And another photograph of hand sewn leather – look at the stitches in the seam:

Free Stock Photo of Hand Sewn Leather

Some more black leather textures – close-up:

Stock Texture - Black Leather Hand Sewn Seam

Free Stock Image Close-up Black Leather Texture Hand Sewn Seam

Plus a lighter background in grey:

Free Stock Image  of Grey Leather - Background Texture