Free Stock Images Part 15 – Stone Wall Textures Continued

The last stone wall texture post had some images left to be displayed, so for today I will continue with that and finish it before it gets boring… before you wonder why there are these endless stone photos on this page, remember that this web site is about stock images for designers, so I assume you are not just coming here for fun, but for downloads…

Free Stock Images - Stone Wall Texture 20

Free Stock Image - Stone Wall Texture 21

Some sort of grunge texture:

Grunge Texture - Stone Free Stock Photo Background for Download

A rather complex old stone wall made from different materials:

Grunge Texture Old Stone Wall Free Stock Image

Free Stock Image of a Stone Wall - Closeup Photo Texture

Free Stock Photo Texture - Stone Wall Background

Free Stock Photo Texture - Stone Wall Background 26

Below photos of a quite colorful old stone wall which had to face some repairs  over the years:

Colorful Old Stone Wall Photo Stock Texture 27

Photo Stock Texture 28

Here´s a rather dark background:

Photo Stock Texture of an Old Stone Wall - Dark Background

And a more light-colored version:

Free Stock Image of an Old Stone Wall - Light Background Texture

Plus a light-grey texture with some plastering:

Light Grey Background Photo Texture - Stone Wall with Plastering

Another colorful image with regular pattern of a wall made from big stones:

Free Stock Image Colorful Stone Texture with Regular Pattern

Free Stock Images - Stone Textures 33

The next set of stock textures will not be about stones…

Free Stock Texture Set - Stones and Stone Walls