Free Stock Images Part 12 – Stone Textures

I like the textures of stones and rocks not just for designs, but for their own sake. Weathered and aged, the surfaces often turn into very interesting colors. So hereĀ“s another set of free stock images; I may prepare an additional one dedicated to stone wall textures in the near future:

Free Stock Images - Colorful Stone Textures 01

Free Stock Images - Stone Textures 02

As a side note, from a photography point of view not many subject matters are as demanding on the equipment, esp. lens resolution and image processing techniques, as finely textured stone surfaces. They make excellent starting points for designs though (and good dark backgrounds, too).

Free Stock Images - Dark Background - Stone Texture

Free Stock Images - Stone Textures 04

Free Stock Images Dark Stone Texture Background

I posted some grunge textures a few days ago, if you are still looking for more, you may want to download the following:

Free Stock Images - Grunge Texture Dark Stone Backgrounds

Well, this one is an example of how colorful a weathered stone can become:

Free Stock Images - Colorful Stone Texture 07

Free Stock Images - Weathered Stone Textures 08

Free Stock Images - Stone Texture Closeup 09

Another colorful closeup photo:

Free Stock Images - Colorful Stone Texture Closeup Photo 10

If you are into rust metal textures, you may like this one (it is stone):

Free Stock Images - Rust Texture 11

Free Stock Images - Rust Textures 12

And the last photo for today (remember, in order to download the stock images, you have to click the low res pix):

Free Stock Images - Stone Textures Download